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Comeuppance for the little man (or how I got less screwed by Meineke than they wanted)

Comeuppance! COMEUPPANCE I SAY! So, here's the skinny:

My check engine light comes on and so I decide to take the ol' Green Hornet in to Meineke for their free diagnostic. Turns out I need a new catalytic converter. Then the scam starts and it goes something like this:

"Now, this is a bit of a weird catalytic converter, it'sa bolt right on the dash one" [verbatim] "We got one for ya though, parts and labor will run ya about $670. You git that done at the dealership, it'll be more like $1,100"

Now, for once in my life, I was actually happy that I didn't have enough to cover it. I told him flat out that I didn't have that cash, I'd have to come back. I'm trying to figure out how the hell I'm going to get the money for this, which has to be done for me to pass inspection, which is due before the end of the month, when I come home and start some interweb searching. Come to find out I can get a catalytic converter for a Protege for like $300. Even better, I can go to the FUCKING DEALERSHIP and get an honest to god MAZDA brand catalytic converter for $300. So I call the guy back ask how much labor is if I get my own converter.... $145.

Still with me? Still able to do grade school math? Good. Meineke 0 Me 1.

Now, something Garrett said made me think. He told me to get the old catalytic converter back from them when I got the service done. Turns out, those fuckers are so expensive because they have Platinum in them. When I bring this up to Jim Bo Bob at Meineke, he tells me, no shit:

"We can't give them back to customers. It's an OSHA law [why the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has to do with it, I don't know]. We got to keep 'em, there's a guy who comes around and picks 'em up"

I'm pretty good at gauging emotions and this motherfucker was nervous and lying. So, I go ahead and get the work done, but it doesn't really settle with me right.

Hmm... well played Meineke guy. Though I am scratching my head wondering why OSHA has anything to do with it, you have, in the meantime, won this round due to my ignorance.

Meineke 1 Me 1

I ask a friend who works at Tire Kingdom and she says they give the parts back. So, I call Meineke's Corporate office and they tell me that the EPA [Environmental Protection Agency] has a rule that they have to keep it for 15 days, but after that, it is mine.

So I call this dipshit back, who informs me that the "scrap metal guy" has already come by and picked it up. Reeeaaally? After informing him that this is an EPA violation and asking what exactly he's going to do about it, he tells me I can do whatever I want and hangs up on me. OOOO boy, well, I did what I wanted; which was call up that Corporate Office, tell them everything that happened, and tell them if it isn't right, my next call is to the Better Business Bureau.

30 minutes later, jim bo bob is calling me and telling me he tracked down my converter and will have it back in 2 weeks.

Eat it! Meineke 1 Me 2

Don't let people fuck with you, especially mechanics. FUCK BACK!!!!!!!!!
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